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vzInternet invents, patents and builds the disruptive technology needed to stop cyber-fraud still succeeding.


Every customer-facing digital business is vulnerable to cyber-attack with potentially far-reaching reputational and financial consequences. In fact, 77% of the FTSE 100 were breached in 2017 with nothing more sophisticated than stolen credentials and time.

This is our opportunity space as our technology stops criminals learning how to succeed in the first place.

Initially, we are targeting the sectors most affected by cyber-fraud including gambling, travel and banking and are focusing on building referenceability across the EU before launching into North America and expanding globally.

IP protected

vzInternet Limited is the owner of:

  • UK patent number 2,505,231
  • UK patent number 2,513,494
  • European patent number EP2888689
  • UK patent application number 1604617.9
  • PCT patent application number PCT/GB2017/050748
  • US patent application number 14/628,082
  • Canadian patent application number 2,911,878
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